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Belize, 2012

Images from two underworld adventures in Belize; spelunking in the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave and tubing through Jaguar’s Paw cave.  Couldn’t get many shots within the caves themselves due to an abundance of water.

Exploring the ATM cave is by far the greatest adventure I have ever done.  You’re basically spelunking upstream against this underground river in water up to your neck, squeezing and wriggling your way through claustrophobic boulders and rock formations, and then climbing up from the river to a massive chamber full of Mayan artifacts.  All in total darkness save a sporadic headlamp.

Tubing along Jaguar’s Paw cave was far less strenuous than ATM.  It was more like a lazy river with intermittent spelunking and artifacts along the way.  Our guide, Salmo, was unreal and, although lunches were provided, he had us chowing down on termites, cocoa beans, nuts, and various other jungle foliage.  We never did eat lunch.

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